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Semliki Rift Trading Co. Ltd.

Started in 2003, Semliki Rift Trading Company is the water cargo arm of the Semliki Rift Group for Uganda. With the largest vessel in Lake Albert, we’ve made a strategic move into Lake Victoria. Through our fleet we strive to protect natural areas and their surrounding communities from the risks and nuisance of heavy traffic, while cutting distances, times and fuel consumption for our customers. We do this by using nature's highway: the mighty rivers and lakes of Africa.

With access to facilities in Kasenyi (DRC) and Ntoroko, Bugoma, Mbegu, Butiaba, Wanseko, Panyimur, Pakwach, Paraa (UG) - Semliki has facilitated trade between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and is an instrumental shipping partner for the infrastructure, humanitarian, energy, and natural resources sectors. Since our sister company, Nyanza Evergreen Waterways, made a decisive entry into the tourism and water transport sector in Lake Victoria we decided to accompany the journey by deploying cargo vessels that can double as working/drilling platforms to enable the dreams of those who use the lake. Our fleet ranges from personnel/emergency speed boats to a 130T RO/RO barge which shortens the times and distances travelled by trucks, while avoiding heavy traffic in sensitive areas, such as the Murchison Falls National Park, adjacent game reserves and the local communities. We envision a respectful and equitable development of businesses in Uganda and are ready to support their operations.


Heaven Rise, Kitiko-Mutungo Off Entebbe Road,
P.O. Box 70952 Kampala - Uganda.
Main activity: Lake Transport and Logistics.
Contact Person: Igor Markov
Phone number: +256 (0) 751 571 660
Email address: igor@semlikirift.com

Trackstar (U) Ltd.

Established in 2014, Trackstar (U) Ltd is a logistics company that prides itself in being the leader on the market at offering tailored made solutions to each customer for their transport and logistical challenges.

We achieve this by making use of modern technologies such as: GPS tracking systems, satellite push to talk communication allowing to monitor and track cargo in real time. Safety is one of our main priorities throughout our operations, we guarantee all safety precautions are taken very seriously by our staff to insure the safety of the cargo.

We dedicate a team of logisticians and experienced technicians to all our convoys to keep our assets in their best possible conditions and provide a remarkable service to our clients.

Heaven Rise, Kitiko-Mutungo Off Entebbe Road,
P.O. Box 70952 Kampala - Uganda.
Main activity : Road Transport and Logistics
Contact Person: Olivier Van Pee
Phone number: +256 (0) 791 571 616
Email address: olivier@vanpee.net

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